Project SHARE is an interfaith, non-profit cooperative effort that has been serving the community since 1985. Project SHARE helps the hungry by providing supplementary food on a monthly basis to residents of the greater Carlisle area.

Our Mission: In response to God's call to love and serve one another, Project SHARE provides food, nutritional education, and links to other community resources to empower people in need within Western Cumberland County.



What is gleaning? Gleaning is  described several places in the Bible. It is when the growers permit the poor to gather the remains to feed their families.  It was also a common practice in the Middle Ages in Europe.  In our region many local farmers and orchards invite us to SHARE the bounty of the harvest after they have picked their fields.  What we are able to gather is miraculous.



For the Thanksgiving we all have something to be grateful for.  Realizing how blessed we are to be a part of this amazing existence is worthy of praise, not only on Thanksgiving but every day. Each day brings us new possibilities as well as familiar sights, sounds, and experiences with those we love and with those who travel similar paths on Earth.  One way of being grateful is to share our bounty.



There are special events year round that serve many purposes.  The first is our bonding with one another as a community engaged in the good works of Project SHARE.  The joy of the events and the participation fills and links each of us.  Fundraising events also help our mission. Some events are organized by Project SHARE while others are done on our behalf.

How We Do It

Volunteer of the Month – October

Eva Rowe


The oldest of 9 children from Wayne, PA, Eva gained her love for gardening while caring for the landscape at home.

In 2005 Eva became a member of the Carlisle Garden Club and started volunteering at Project SHARE in 2010.

Eva cares for the flower bed around our welcome sign and to the right of the walk way. Our front flower beds contain Phlox, Chrysanthemums, Hostas, Redhot Pokers, Day Lilies, Bee Balm and seasonal decorations.
Eva finds great joy in sharing the beauty of the garden with those who visit Project SHARE.

The team of gleaning volunteers is well on its way to break the 57,000-pound total from the 2015 growing season!