Project SHARE is an interfaith, non-profit cooperative effort that has been serving the community since 1985. Project SHARE helps the hungry by providing supplementary food on a monthly basis to residents of the greater Carlisle area.

Our Mission: In response to God’s call to love one another, and bolstered by the spirit of generosity in volunteers, staff, recipients, gleaning partners and donors, Project SHARE food pantry programs and partnerships meet the evolving needs of people on their journey to freedom from want.


Food Sharing – Distribution

Download the 2017 Food Distribution Calendar

Project SHARE distributes food during the week of the 3rd Thursday of each month. Recipients may come once per month during that week. Project SHARE hours of distribution are Tuesday 12-2pm, Wednesday 9-11am, Thursday 3:30-5:30pm, and Saturday 9-11am. Each allocation of food contains 55-65 nutritious food items, approximately one week’s groceries for a family of four with a retail value of $200.

The link in this sentence will provide information on how one can Apply For Assistance.



SHARing what we know is an essential part of the SHARE philosophy.  As a result we offer courses, programs, hands on participatory events that move us all to new levels.  The focus of our attention has and will continue to be our Kitchen, for it is here where we all learn to prepare the foods that we have available to the community.  By SHARing techniques and insights, into the healthy benefits of the selected foods and their preparation, we are able to make our lives more enjoyable, healthy and tasty!

Our current offerings are below, keep an eye on this space for ever expanding opportunities for all!

Annette w Meagans bowl


There are special events year round that serve many purposes.  Some events are organized by Project SHARE while others are done on our behalf. Events increase our bonding with one another as a community engaged in the good works of Project SHARE. 
Fundraising events also helps us to finance our mission.
How can you be a part of planning for our events?
How can you help us by planning your own event?
What other community events are happening?

How We Do It

Project Easter 2017

The Project EASTER 2017 team help achieve a count of 706 Easter baskets in 10 1/2 bins!