FOR POTENTIAL BUILD TEAMS  In 2016 Canstruction welcomed teams and consultation from:William Baker Intl.; Dawood; Gannett & Fleming; Ritchie Engineering; Elizabethtown College; the Episcopal Diocese of Harrisburg; and Lancaster Country Day School. 2017 Although we have elected NOT to have a central exhibit this year some firms have elected to build a structure, on ourContinue reading Canstruction

Events For Project SHARE

In addition to hosting dozens of our own events, we are blessed to have many organizations, firms, foundations and congregations who organize fundraising events on our behalf or to benefit Project SHARE. We urge everyone to support these great events and encourage participation in the joy that they bring us all. Upcoming Events: No upcoming events rightContinue reading Events For Project SHARE


Partnering with Project SHARE is a great way to contribute to the community in which your employees and clients live and work. Project SHARE operates several events and programs that are key components in our mission to end hunger in western Cumberland County. By supporting our mission your business will receive positive exposure and haveContinue reading Sponsorship