BEST Non-Profit Cumberland County 2017

We are grateful and blessed by those we serve, those who volunteer their time and expertise, those who support us with their funding, and those who support us with their prayers and good wishes.  We thank all for this honor.

What does it mean to Project SHARE?  It means that our mission is recognized as one worthy of continuing on behalf of our community.  It means that you believe that we are awakening hope for all we are able to connect to at Project SHARE.  We do so with our regular distribution of food, both monthly at our headquarters and 3 times a week at our Farmstand.  We do so thanks to the generosity of many including our farmers and growers who grow extra rows amounting in tons of food that do not go to waste but indeed “nourish our community”.

We work to move people to their next levels through referrals to collaborative organizations, through our education programs, including our nutrition and cooking classes for kids and adults.  Additionally other education offerings provide increased awareness, skills and pathways to employment and success.

We invite you to explore this website to discover Project SHARE.  We are ever grateful for this honor but understand that many others who serve with many organizations in our community are deserving and that accolades are only as good as tomorrow.    We continue to work on behalf of our community and grateful for all who brought Project SHARE to this point so we could help make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

“Accolades and lists may tell us about accomplishments, but life is meant to be experienced, not just accomplished.”  L.Z. Granderson 

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