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CASD Boy’s Volleyball Team Supports Project SHARE’s Summer “Power Packs”

Carlisle High School’s Boy’s Volleyball Team is selling Southside Deli Pretzelwich sandwiches as a fundraiser for the team.  The team also wanted to reach out to hungry kids in the Carlisle area by also selling these turkey sandwiches for Project SHARE’s Summer Lunch & Learn program.

The program will be operative from June 19th to August 10th in 5 locations in the area including  the Farmstand, the Church of God, Letort Elementary, Middlesex Elementary and at New Life Church in Mt. Holly.  It will be held Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 9:30 to 12 noon with an altered schedule at Middlesex due to busing requirements.

This cooperative effort between Project SHARE, Bosler and Amelia Givin Libraries will rely on the good volunteer efforts of teachers, both active and retired.  Others with teaching skills, various assistants and activity providers will round out a summer of fun and learning for the children.

The Volleyball Team is offering sandwiches to the community for their own consumption to be delivered on April 23rd.  The special Project SHARE Pretzelwiches will be distributed to the students at the end of each Wednesday session, designed to provide them with some added nutrition for one day during their weekend break.  Project SHARE also provides them with a basic “Power Pack” for the “weekend”.

Join the CASD team and donate some subs to the kids by using the form below.  The team has set a goal of 900 sandwiches on behalf of Project SHARE’s Power Pack Kids!

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