Century Link Chooses SHARE for Regional Matching Campaign

Century Link has chosen Project SHARE to be one of 140 globally to benefit from its Campaign to Fight Hunger campaign starting on June 4th.  SHARE was selected to be the only food bank / pantry to benefit in the Harrisburg-Carlisle-Shippensburg region based on its high standard of service to the community to serve the needs of the food insecure. 

In order to take full advantage of their $1 million dollar global match we nned to receive donations to SHARE through the campaign’s website between June 4th and June.  During this period the impact of gifts will increase through the Century Link Campaign to Fight Hunger match program.  To be matched, gifts must be made online between June 4 – June 15 at www.centurylink.com/fooddrive  then selecting Project SHARE in Pennsylvania as the beneficiary.

Since the the school year has ended many families will begin to struggle more than before when their children had a reliable source of meals at schools.  Now, for the next three months of summer break, children will suffer and experience an academic lag.  And when children suffer, the entire family suffers.  Your MATCH GIFT will help alleviate some of the anxiety, sadness and restlessness that many will experience.  Seniors on fixed incomes and those who are ill without sufficient resources also suffer from inadequate food and nutrition in our community.  Project SHARE also is providing educational outreach to children and adults through our expanded Kids in the Kitchen and Slice of the Month programs.  Our summer program, Lunch & Learn will educate, mentor and provide nutrition for approximately 200 children between the ages of 5 and 12 this summer with the help of 100 volunteers.

Give now to help Project SHARE with the resources needed to provide our expanded programs and services over the summer months.  Below are examples of how your gifts might help:

                $50 provides the funds for:

Sponsoring 1 child for the Project SHARE Summer Lunch & Learn Program.  Project SHARE offers a Summer Lunch & Learn program for low-income children ages 5 – 12. By feeding children’s’ hungry bellies with nutritional food morning snacks and lunches, plus providing a power-pack of nutritional foods for the weekend, the Lunch & Learn program also provides child participants with a program full of reading and learning enrichment activities along with active hands-on experiences.

               $300 provides funds for:

Hosting 21 children at one Kids in the Kitchen class.  Project believes that nutrition education is as important as distributing healthy foods. Offering varied classes for children ages 12-17, classes are held monthly and designed for participants to learn about nutrition, building a healthy relationship with food, basic culinary skills, simple meal planning and preparation.

               $520 provides the funds for:

Emergency food for 2 months, serving an average of 12 Clients/month.  At times, Clients experience extenuating circumstances that challenges their ability to provide enough food for their families. They may have been ill and unable to attend distribution services. They may have a costly unexpected expense arise that strains their monthly budget. Project SHARE allows Client families one emergency distribution per year, providing a determined amount of food to assist them through the struggle.

               $1,300 provides the funds for:

One monthly food distribution delivery to 65 homebound Clients.  For reasons of limited or no means of transportation, or medical reasons, many of Project SHARE clients are homebound and unable to attend the monthly food distribution. 20 teams of volunteers help to bag food distribution items and deliver to these individuals to ensure that they are assisted with their food needs.

 In 2017 the Century link campaign provided Project SHARE approximately $9,000 in matching funds.  In 2018 we are looking to accept more from the generosity of Century Link but moving our goal to a modest, reachable $15,000 as we are expanding our programming and outreach to our community.  We can only do this with help from our loyal community of supporters.  Please join us in these few days of the campaign and let us show how much we care and SHARE in Carlisle!

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