Amazing thanks to Karen and her assembled team for 745 large Easter baskets for our client families!
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Easter At SHARE
Easter is another landmark in the spinning of the Earth that brings us to celebrate another holy time of year where we reflect on new birth and resurrection.  The signs are all around us as the Earth Springs back to a time of bounty.  We, at Project SHARE, want to make everyone’s outlook new as we provide a celebratory dinner to all tables in our community.

Help us place these tangible symbols of hope by participating in our Easter Dinner Campaign so that we can live our vision “…nourishing our community…awakening hope!”

Please consider taking our Easter Shopping list to your home, congregation, work place or organization.

We also welcome your ideas on how you have or will be promoting this Easter Dinner Shopping List for food and funds.  A few that have been shared include announcement in Sunday bulletins, distribution of the list to congregants, or distribution of the lists to customers.  Let us know how you can join us to bless others this Easter.

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Contact us for posters, reproducible graphics (jpg, png, etc…)  or other support that we can supply:

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“EASTER BUNNIES” Donate and Prepare 745 Easter Baskets

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2018 Project SHARE – Easter Basket Assembly