A Pre-Set Donation With a Swipe

Frequently Asked Questions

Is using DipJar as easy as you say?  Absolutely! You dip your credit or debit card into the DipJar and pull it out. That’s it. You’ve given the fixed tip amount emblazoned on the front of the DipJar to Project SHARE.

How am I charged for my DipJar giving?  DipJar amounts are preset so you’ll always know how much you’re donating when you dip your debit or credit card. All DipJar transactions will appear on your bill immediately with the tag “DPJ” along with additional information about the recipient store or cause (e.g. “DPJ * Project SHARE of Carlisle or Project Share”).DipJarLogoS

I dipped by accident — how do I request a refund? Call Joe K or Deb H at SHARE 717-249-7773 for assistance with your name, the date of the accidental dip, and the last four digits of the card you used, and we’ll issue a refund.

Will customer credit card information be secure?  Yes. DipJars encrypt credit card information immediately upon card dip and transmit it via SSL connection to our servers. DipJars operate under the highest standards of PCI-DSS credit card security compliance.

How does DipJar connect? do I need a wi-fi network or wiring?  No!  DipJar connects through the Verizon phone network.  Besides plugging the DipJar into a power outlet, no other wiring or physical set-up is necessary.

How can DipJar be used by our firm, organization, or congregation?  You may use it for a specific campaign in a specified period of time.  It can be placed at a convenient gathering place for members such as a coffee hour where people can be encouraged to SHARE their bounty with our community of recipients who are food insecure.  Other ideas abound on how and where DipJars can be creatively placed and used.  Contact us for further information and to schedule a DipJar. info@projectSHAREpa.org or call 249-7773 and speak to the “Communications Coordinator”.