At Project SHARE, we rely on donations from people like you to help make food available to those in need. We would like to make it easy and convenient for you to donate in whatever way is most convenient for you.

Fund Drive

Many people like to give money instead of food items and that is wonderful! We encourage monetary donations as well as food donations. Due to our positive relationships with food industry donors and our large volunteer base, $10 can help provide a basket of food with a retail value closer to $100!


Creative Fundraising Examples:

- Use your talent.Example: hold an event where a percentage or all proceeds benefit
Project SHARE

- Personal Gift Campaign. In lieu of wedding, birthday or anniversary gifts or funeral
flowers, ask your family and friends to make contributions to Project SHARE.

- Have Fun. Grow a mustache, shave your head, play a video game, dance all day. Do
your thing, just do it for Project SHARE. Get creative!

  • Dip Jar — Work with Project SHARE to have an electronic Dip Jar placed at your next event. Participants can simply swipe their credit/debit card to make a donation.
  • Amazon Smiles — You too can make additional and incremental contributions to Project SHARE… just by doing your regular shopping! While the percentage is small, the numbers really do add up. Check it out! If you are planning to shop online anyway, here’s a way to support Project Share at no additional cost to you. Check it out today!
  • The Holidays— 33% of all donations are made during these holiday months. Try giving up a gift or two and instead ask for donations or make a tribute gift to someone special.
  • Sports — Whether you're running a marathon, skydiving for the first time, or anything in between, use your next sporting activity as an opportunity to raise funds & awareness for Project SHARE!


To set up a fund drive for your organization, club or school, e-mail or call 717-249-7773.