• In 2016 Canstruction welcomed teams and consultation from:William Baker Intl.; Dawood; Gannett & Fleming; Ritchie Engineering;
    Elizabethtown College; the Episcopal Diocese of Harrisburg;
    and Lancaster Country Day School.


Although we have elected NOT to have a central exhibit this year some firms have elected to build a structure, on our behalf, at their facilities.

William Baker Intl.

torchofdreamsmichaelbakerintl is one such firm.  All of the cans in their Canstruction will be donated to Project SHARE.  More information will follow.  Should any other firms or organizations wish to participate in this way for 2017 we would welcome you.  You can contact us to list your Canstruction and or for further information.  Contact:





Our next public Canstruction is planned for the Spring of 2018.
Look for further information later this year.