Whispering Pines of Carlisle provides a  down-home French country feel that appeals to everyone.  Located in a charming setting with peaceful, yet breathtaking views over looking the rolling hills of our region’s beautiful country side.  The venue is located just five miles outside of Carlisle.   Enjoy the evening in The Mountain Ballroom with its French country decor.


Take the following ingredients:  Lamb, Beef and Salmon

                                                      Seasonal vegetables and fruits      

                                                      Craft beer and Pennsylvania wines

                                                      Artisanal baked goods

Mix them with music by Voxology’s Kevin Neidig add the creative expertise of some of ourkevinneidig_04 finest Chefs and then VOILA you have FARM to TABLE 2017 on August 20th from 5 to 8pm at Whispering Pines for a select 150.  You select yourself by purchasing a ticket and joining us for an event to savor.


The CHEFS at Farm to Table 2017

Our amazing CHEFS have donated their time and talent to take fabulous local ingredients and prepare their contributions to our palates for the Farm to Table event on August 20th.  Each will bring a unique style to our base ingredients that will be sure to please us all.  We know that we are blessed with abundance and as such, we will enjoy this event while raising funds for those less fortunate who rely on our assistance for their health and wellbeing. 

Bill Seras – formerly Back Door Café
The Seras family has been a part of Carlisle’s history for generations.  In an interview with Dickinson College Bill shared many of his thoughts on the restaurant business in Carlisle.  Some comments: “I think those who were before us paved the streets for the success of so many Greek restaurants. If it was not for my grandfather, or other Greek restaurants I would not nearly be as successful. Many of the first Greeks that moved to Carlisle started to learn to cook at the Hamilton. Then most of them went on to having their own restaurants. My godfather was the old Charlie Mallios who opened the Sunny Side Restaurant. And the Hamilton is where he learned how to cook.”

Chris Heilig – ShakeDown BBQ 
“ShakeDown owners Chris Heilig and John Hoffman plunked down the money for their wood-fired smoker even before they had a place to put it.  If there is a BBQ muse that appears apparition-like in the smoke rising from a smoldering pit, then the owners of ShakeDown BBQ have followed it to astonishing levels of success.  Theirs is a meteoric five-year odyssey that began with an abiding love of BBQ. It was bolstered by the boldness to do it their own way. And it was elevated by the audacity to attempt to create their own distinctive style. But none of it was planned. There are no blueprints for creating great BBQ, just as Picasso never colored by numbers.”
Casey Wagner – Andalusia
A review of Andalusia’s Chef Casey Wagner reads: “Andalusia is a welcome addition to Carlisle’s downtown with its lively atmosphere, attentive service, and unique, delicious food. Servers were helpful and efficient, and the multi-course meal was parsed perfectly. The four of us shared our selections… Especially tasty was the salmon filet, which was beautifully prepared and presented. Kudos to Chef Casey Wagner and his crew! “Makes you wonder what he would do with the salmon on the 20th or August at Farm to Table?  He was also the winner of the Carlisle Iron Chef completion in 2014, having been declared the People’s Choice!

Russ Freeman – Café on Market Creations
Former co-owner of Café on Market in Camp Hill Russ has now taken the restaurant into the catering sphere.  Over the years he has operated and brought culinary delights to life through C.O.M. as well as the New Market Bistro, also in Camp Hill.  Currently he is owner and chef for Café on Market Creations and related that, “… been involved in the farm to table movement since the early 1990s.  I have always believed in keeping eating products local as much as possible.”  Russ can be found on his Facebook page.
Café on Market Creations Here

Maria Ntzanis – The Grazery
Less than a month after the Back Door closed, there’s a new restaurant at 156 W. High St. — and guests can come in the front door.  The Grazery opened at the location of the former Back Door Café, which closed in June after 31 years in business when owner Bill Seras sold the restaurant.  Maria Ntzanis, who owns Grazery with her husband, Yanni Tachoulas, said the menu is based on Greek and Mediterranean styles, and features sandwiches, soups and salads.  Maria’s Greek flavors and skills will be incorporated into her culinary offerings at this 1st annual Farm to Table!