For Our Kids – Summer Lunch & Learn

We have the lesson plans & the lunches

Summer offers pleasant prospects of playing or going off to summer camp. However, not everyone is so fortunate. When school lunch programs end some parents are filled with apprehension and uncertainty regarding how to provide their children with meaningful experiences accompanied by nutritious meals .

Project SHARE, with Bosler Memorial and Amelia Givin Libraries, provides a free option for kids in our region. Build a Better World is the theme of our summer Lunch & Learn Program! Dedicated volunteers, congregations, organizations, school districts, as well as state and national governmental organizations, such as the PA Department of Education and the US Department of Agriculture, join to feed hungry children with nutritious food.

Summer provides a precious opportunity to fill hungry minds, as well, through reading and learning enrichment activities. These hands-on experiences will make summer days intellectually stimulating, as well as physically rewarding.

A healthy morning snack and a full lunch will be delivered from Project SHARE’s kids-friendly kitchen, directed by our Nutrition Educator, Weston Petroski, to 5 sites in the area. These include LeTort Elementary ; The Farmstand ; Carlisle Church of God ; New Life Church in Mt. Holly ; and Middlesex Elementary .

Build A Better World – Lunch and Learn will run from June 19th to August 09th on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30am to 12pm. Middlesex Elementary times begin at 08:30am. Under the guidance of dedicated volunteer teachers, children from ages 5-12 will cover the following topics: Construction: Putting it All Together; Famous Bridges & Buildings; Nature: Plants and Animals on Land, Sea and Air: To Infinity & Beyond; Diversity and Celebrating Variety; Senses, Perception & Viewpoints; The Arts Making the World More Beautiful; and Homes & Habitats. Lesson plans and activity kits, thanks to Melissa Killinger and our team working with Bosler Library, will be provided.

Volunteer teachers are sought for at least one 3-day morning session at one of the sites. It doesn’t matter whether those interested in volunteering are returning from service in previous years or joining us for the first time. This effort seeks volunteers with compassionate hearts seeking to make a difference for kids.

The program also needs volunteers willing to assist teachers working directly with children and supervising activities at each site as well as to prepare meals at Project SHARE and deliver to the sites.

Make this a great summer for kids who might be left out of the summer enrichment calendar. Contact Meagan Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, at or Joe Kloza, Education Parents-can-register-their-children-for-free-at: #LLBuildABetterWorld


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