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Gleaning Season has begun!  Note that we assemble in the lobby / parking lot of Project SHARE for our prompt departure at 5:30pm for Monday gleans and on Saturdays in October at 8:30am.  Check the timetosignup page to enlist you and or your group.

What is gleaning? Gleaning is a Biblical concept described several places in the Bible, including in the book of Ruth. It is when the growers purposely leave extras from the field behind for the poor to pick up to feed their families and those who have no way to help their families. The food is free for those laborers and is from the generosity of the Lord. Project SHARE volunteers and clients collect excess, unsalable, but still perfectly good field gleanings, drops, 2nds, market leftovers, and the last planting that is still good food but the farmer does not pick- or cannot sell it. Every tomato, apple, or ear of corn picked is going to be eaten and immensely enjoyed by someone who wouldn’t otherwise have that opportunity.

Over 36 local farms & farm markets allow us to glean in their fields or donate fresh produce to us. During the 2014 season, Project SHARE’s Gleaning Team collected more than 35,000 pounds.

Project SHARE volunteers and clients work together to pick lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, kale, green beans, corn, squash, watermelon, cantaloupe, broccoli, apples, pumpkins, etc. The work is hard, but the rewards are many; all the food is FREE for our labor. The donated produce is then available at our Farm Stand on the corner of Pitt and Lincoln in downtown Carlisle.

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Volunteer Gleaner FAQ:

Who can be a Volunteer Gleaner? Anyone who enjoys working outdoors! Children who are supervised are welcome!

How long does it take?  Gleaning sessions are 2 ½ hours, which includes travel time to the field location.

What is involved? Working as a team, gleaners arrive at the farm field, meet the farmer, and get basic instructions from the Team Leader about the day’s gleaning activities.  Gleaners work in pairs or teams, and many hands make light work. Let us know if you have a pick up truck that can haul food back.

Do I need special equipment?  No, Project SHARE will provide gleaning equipment and drinking water. We recommend you bring sunscreen and dress appropriately for field conditions- including tennis shoes or walking shoes, a hat, and gloves.

How do I view the schedule and sign up?
Visit our GLEANING sign up page.

How about more information and directions for the farms and orchards we will be gleaning?
Directions to Peter’s Orchards
Directions to Burkholder’s Farm
Directions to Jason Weaver’s Farm

Who do I contact for more information?  If you would like to learn more about our Gleaning Program or know a farmer who might be interested in participating, please contact Steve Kuhn, Project SHARE Farm Coordinator, 717-249-7773 X 247 or email:

What if it is raining?
 If it is raining all day long, we will not glean. If it is just a shower, please call in and check about 1 hour before the departure time and ask. Sometimes it is raining where you are, but not where we are headed.

Have a look and listen at this famous painting by Millet that represents gleaning from a time past!  Click the painting!