Holiday Books Flow From Barnes & Noble

“The Holiday Book Drive is a Barnes & Noble annual program that provides our customers the opportunity to purchase a book or educational toy or game and give it to a child from a local store-selected community program. This program reminds customers of our commitment to literacy in our communities and best of all delivers books directly to children who need them.  Barnes & Noble Camp Hill selected Project SHARE as the beneficiary of this year’s book drive because of the program’s tireless endeavors to provide local families and their children with food, nutrition, and education. We are proud to support Project SHARE this holiday season.”Rob Smith for Barnes & Noble

How did this happen?  How were we so blessed?
When I found myself in Camp Hill, on an unrelated appointment, I thought I would browse through one of my favorite stores = Barnes & Noble.  I gravitated to the STEM toys and marveled at the offerings but realized that the prices were beyond the children who could benefit from them in our Project SHARE community.  That visit prompted me to approach the mid-store desk and introduce myself, card in hand.  I met Robert F. Smith, Community Business Development Manager and asked him to keep us in mind and that I hoped to speak with him again.

I tell this story because it is always about time and place.  Wherever you are take hold of the moment and SHARE your story because something may be around the corner.  Three days later Rob called and said that he was designating, should we accept, their Holiday Book Sale to benefit Project SHARE.  Of course we accepted on behalf of our children!  Rob “warned” us that we could expect over 1,000…maybe 2,000 books.  I told him we could cope!  LOL

So the sale has begun and we have begun to benefit.   Thank you to Barnes & Noble and to all of the people who will be buying a book for a child during this fantastic Holiday Book Drive!


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