March arrives, and Project SHARE has chosen to address child weekend hunger for Match Madness 2018.  This campaign is sponsored by our friends at the Partnership for Better Health and provides up to $50,000 in matching funds to be distributed to 20 non-profit organizations in Carlisle for their good works.

Students who are disruptive, can’t concentrate, or lack motivation may not need a firm hand; they might just need a helping hand! School administrators across the nation have found that some of the children in their care cannot function well at school – not because they don’t want to learn but because they are hungry.

A study from the Tufts University Center on Hunger, Poverty and Nutrition Policy reports that the effects of child hunger in America also reach out to touch other areas of a child’s life, and most notably, their cognitive development. The study shows there is a link between nutrition and cognitive development, providing evidence that the brain’s ability to develop can be negatively impacted when adequate nutrition is not available.

Project SHARE, partners with the Carlisle and South Middleton School Districts, to offer weekend Nutrition Power Packs to children who are in need of supplemental food assistance, particularly acute when school is out and cafeteria service not available.  The Nutrition Power Pack program is available to eligible students identified through school officials and is provided every weekend while school is in session and also for those children who participate in the Summer Lunch & Learn program.  Donations for Match Madness are being accepted from March 1 until March 31.  CLICK HERE TO MATCH DONATE.

The Weekend Nutrition Power Pack serves as a “bridge of nutrition” from Friday to Monday. It helps ensure children worry less about food during the weekends.  We work to  see that the food we offer is both nutritional, child-friendly, shelf-stable while being easily accessed and consumed. 

It is no secret that children receiving enough food to fuel their growth and their learning will lead a more productive life. They have a greater chance of  higher-achievement, learning how to make good choices, and developing positive social interactions.

The Partnership for Better Health has decided to help us feed our community’s children through the Match Madness campaign that will take your donation and match it, proportionately to the amount we raise in total, with a $50,000 community grant. 

Your donation through Partnership for Better Health for our Nutritional Power Packs will produce even more dollars which will allow us to buy the food that growing children need on the weekends to maximize their chances for physical and mental success.

Will you help child weekend hunger through Match Madness 2018?  The link below will lead you to our Match Madness donation form. When you click submit, you will be directed to the Partnership for Better Health PayPal Form.   Donations for Match Madness are being accepted from March 1 until March 31. Please join us and make a real difference where it counts! CLICK TO DONATE NOW.

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