At this time of year we think even more about hunger issues with celebratory holiday meals beginning with our Traditional Thanksgiving and continuing with the December traditions and blessings that surround Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and the New Year.  We all look forward to feasting and sharing time with those we love.

In 2017 we have experienced many natural disasters requiring responses from those who care…and care we must.  Who is our neighbor?  All are our neighbors.

The most effective way to help your neighbor is to begin at the local level.  While troubles and needs abound globally we cannot forget the needs close by.  The phrase “Think globally, act locally” sums up why it is important to look around at the needy in our own community and ensure that they and their children are in our focus of caring.

By taking the time and donating to Project SHARE we are sharing the blessings we have been given with those in need.  The reasons for our good fortune are many and the reasons that the needy find themselves in this situation are also varied.  We are called to bless all and this campaign is a way for you to SHARE your love and compassion for our community in this caring region in and around Carlisle, PA.

May you be blessed at this time of the year and always.