Summer 2018’s Lunch & Learn Program for Kids: Reading rocks!

A Partnership Program From Bosler Memorial Library, Amelia Givin free library and Project SHARE
In service to CASD and South Middleton School DIstricts

To many of us, summer vacation brings excitement, but some others are filled with apprehension and uncertainty come summer. Some parents do not know whether they will be able to provide their children with nutritious meals without the free school breakfast and lunch program.

As a community, we strive to provide a solution to this problem with this Summer’s Lunch & Learn Program! Local congregations, organizations, school districts, and numerous dedicated volunteers are working towards feeding these hungry bellies as well as their minds with reading and learning enrichment activities, active hands on experiences, and other participatory programming that will make their days a joy. A healthy snack time and a full lunch will be prepared and delivered from Project SHARE’s kids-friendly kitchen directed by our Nutrition Coordinator, Weston, to this year’s 5 site locations including:


Under the guidance of their dedicated teachers children will also partake in crafts, books and relationship building activities.

Lunch & Learn will run from June 19th to August 10th on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9:30am to 12pm.

The theme of the 2018 program is Reading Rocks!

Can you help? Passionate hearts are needed in order for this to be a success, so if you want to know how you can help, here are a few ideas to consider:


As we prepare for another great season of our Summer Lunch & Learn program for kids, we are also recruiting our volunteers, many returning from stellar service in previous years, while others are willing to join us and serve our children for their first year at Summer Lunch & Learn.  All staff go through a background check, at our expense, to protect our children.  Teachers may be on holiday, retired, experience in home schooling or other occupation or passion that has led them to be good teachers and role models for our children.

  • Teachers (volunteers) and those willing to assist them are needed who rotate between different sites each week with a reading activity they have selected.
  • Program Staff at each site- working directly with the children and supervising activities.
  • Help prepare meals at Project SHARE to be served at the sites.
  • Be a driver who delivers the prepared food in hot boxes from Project SHARE to the sites.
    (Call Meagan or Wendy at 249-7773)

  • Assemble weekend “Power Packs” that consist of non-perishable foods easy for children to prepare.
    (Call Carol Baer at 249-7773)

  • Monetary donations are also greatly appreciated and helpful for food, transportation, paper supplies, books, art materials, etc.
    (Call Deb Hess at 249-7773)

Come join the program that is working to feed children this summer while nourishing creativity, opening young minds, and building community!

Contact Project SHARE staff members to volunteer: Meagan Smith, Volunteer Coordinator, or Joe Kloza, Education Coordinator,, 717-249-7773 extension 236