Empty Bowls The SentinelEVENTS – By and For Project SHARE

Project SHARE operates a number of Events to bring us together as a community.  Some are also to raise funds for our continuing mission others are for fellowship and thanks alone. Together we enjoy these opportunities to come together.  We invite you to help us in various ways by volunteering to help, becoming a sponsor, participating and enjoying.

  • Holiday Dinner
  • Share Your Lunch
  • Canstruction
  • Farm to Table Dinner

In addition we are blessed to have many organizations, firms and churches who organize fundraising events on our behalf.  We also look to supporting these events and participating in the joy that they also bring us all.  Note that Thanksgiving Dinner is this category since we need YOUR help to make this happen.  Please check the links for further details.

PLEASE NOTE this section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and will be evolving.  Feel free to comment by sending an email to media@projectsharepa.org with your constructive additions or comments.