— all are equally and significantly important
to the success of Project SHARE’s mission

Donate Time

Time is our most precious commodity. At Project SHARE we are blessed with an army of volunteers who dedicate hours of their time to assist in many ways.  By joining us you will be working along side volunteers who serve in one of our two locations.  To sign up to become a volunteer please call our office at 717-249-7773 to schedule a date and time for orientation with Megan Smith our Volunteer Coordinator.

Donate Money

During the month of March, every donation will be part of a Match Madness campaign thanks to the Partnership for Better Health. Click here to have your donations to Project SHARE matched. The funds raised are being designated for our Weekend Nutrition Power Pack that serves as a “bridge of nutrition” from Friday to Monday. It helps ensure children worry less about food during the weekends. 

Donate Food

Organizing a Food Drive, at your location for Project SHARE is one way for schools, apartments, businesses, congregations, govern-
ment offices or other organizations to get involved in Project SHARE’s efforts to eliminate hunger. Project SHARE will provide containers, banners, and flyers to advertise your food drive. Contact us to coordinate a time to drop-off your containers. For more information, contact us at 717-249-7773.


Corporate Sponsorship is a great way  to support our mission and improve the livelihood of the community.  Project SHARE operates several events and programs that are key components in our mission to end hunger in western Cumberland County. By supporting our mission your business will show what you care about and receive positive exposure that will have a significant and tangible impact in the local community.

Donate Clothing – Community Aid

Bring clothing to our COMMUNITY AID BINS that are located at various sites around the Project SHARE community.  The clothing that is placed in the bins will be sorted and placed in COMMUNITY AID stores.  Funds that are raised will be generously given to Project SHARE.  Every cloth item, whether they re-market them or send them to be recycled adds up for Project SHARE’s mission.

COMMUNITY AID’s mission is “…to serve our community by creating good paying jobs…improve the quality of life for individuals and families in our community…” Visit the Community Aid website for more about our great partners!

Above are some of our Project SHARE’s team including staff, student interns and volunteers making their donations after cleaning out their closets!


Below are the locations where you can drop off your clothes (click links for directions):


We have many Donor Stars that make our mission possible.  Since 1984 Project SHARE has grown in its ability to feed, mentor, teach and assist our community to rise above their circumstances with new hopes.  We are honored to use this section to salute our community of donors.  It is through our financial donors that the wheels of SHARE continue to spin. We are able to lift more of our community towards stability with the freedom from fear that comes from food on the table.


Donate – Wish List

We are blessed with In-Kind donations, donations of specific items, that help Project SHARE in ways small and large.  For example, we requested and received a 17" paper cutter.  We also have received a generous gift of a truck that helps us to transport food to SHARE.  Let us know if you can grant us a wish on behalf of those we serve.  We have been blessed to see how the concept of asking and receiving has born fruit towards our mission over the years.

Donate Cardboard

SAVE your corrugated cardboard! Project SHARE bales and recycles it to raise money to feed low income families.  The money from cardboard baling also helps fund our programs. What you can do?  Bring your flat, dry corrugated cardboard to SHARE.  Spread the word to others who may have quantities of cardboard that they  can bring them to Project SHARE as an alternative to disposal.  SHARE's dock is located at 5 North Orange Street, Monday through Friday, 8a.m. to 4 p.m.